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At Green Light Garage in Mesa, we understand that big trucks mean bigger risk on the road. Here are some tips to remember, to reduce the likelihood of an accident resulting in large repair costs next time you're on the job.

John B
Customer Review
We have two modern "drivers" and one classic pickup truck. We bring all of them to Green Light Garage because of the level of attention and care Ken and his team deliver! Our classic, a 1972 Chevy C10 pickup started having problems. The engine would just die while driving down the road. We brought it into Ken and the Green Light team was able to diagnose the cause was a failed ignition module in the electronic distributor. The quickly replaced the module, tested the truck, and called. Once again Green Light came through at the top of their class!
hand holding car remote start

While some keys or key fobs can only be obtained from dealerships, most cars can be programmed to accept a new key or key fob without expensive dealer intervention. At Green Light Garage in Mesa, we often provide such services, at a fraction of the cost.

commercial truck driver

If you’ve ever been behind the wheel of a commercial truck, you already know that driving in reverse isn’t easy. At Green Light Garage in Mesa, most of the damage we see is a result of an accident which occurred in reverse.

Tom McCallum
Customer Review
My Sienna had a bad shake at highway speeds. They determined it was the tires and replaced them with a comparable set at a reasonable cost. The estimate was what I paid with no hidden end costs.
truck front end photo

If you drive a lightweight car, truck, or SUV, the torque converter you have installed is probably just fine. For those of you with more heavy-duty applications, like high horsepower setups or towing rigs, the stock converter may not be enough. At Green Light Garage in Mesa, AZ, we can help you determine if your torque converter is right for the job you need to be done. 

variety of tires sitting on a shelf

Tires are what keeps your vehicle rolling, literally. Many people have found that shopping for tires is overwhelming because there are just so many choices. At Green Light Garage, we want to break it down for you so that it's easier to understand. There are four main categories of tires, and the right ones for you will depend on the kind of driving you do. Let's talk more about that! 

technician with a wrench working on the engine

Eventually, the time comes to replace your car, truck, or SUV. Often, you’ll decide to go used to save some money. This can either be a great financial decision, but it takes a little more groundwork to make sure you’re getting a good deal and a reliable vehicle. From researching, to test driving, to inspecting a used vehicle, Green Light Garage in Mesa, AZ has a few tips to help you get there.

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